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"The Librarians". I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this.


Community for the upcoming TV show

Hi All,

I started a community for the upcoming The Librarians TV show. If you'd like to join, you can find it here. I hope to see some of you stop by :) I can put a link to this comm in the profile or sidebar if you'd like.

Thanks :)

Jan. 2nd, 2010

Wow, I'm so excited to find this community. I just discovered these films this past Christmas break, have been recommending them to friends and family, and feel I need a 'support group' - it's just good to know that there are other people out there who like these films too. I think they're so adorable: playful parodies of/homages to action and fantasy adventure films, with the world's biggest nerd (and least likely action movie hero) as hero. As I have a huge weakness for sweet, nerdy, over-educated guys, I now have a terrible fictional character crush on Flynn; I had literally been dreaming of a series with, you know, a nerdly, lovable, somewhat silly, very smart professorial hero and would have written something like that myself if my fiction writing ideas ever went anywhere. I'm so glad to have discovered these - and discovered that other people feel more or less the same way.

(A small batch of Librarian icons at my journal...)


O hai, Librarian fans! I want to share with you the shiny, awesome fic that was written for me for yuletide! It is quite possibly the Best Thing Evar (and maybe the first Librarian fanfic ever written?)

time it was, and what a time it was (or five times a library changed charlene's life) - Mature - The Librarian Series - Charlene, Judson, James Bond Movies, M

That's right, kids, it's a CROSSOVER. It has Charlene and backstory of Charlene's life and is full of awesome and wonderful, and it also has M FROM JAMES BOND omg I might die and go to heaven. It has great dialogue and desk!sex and seriously omg Charlene/Judson and he's all MYSTERIOUS SMILES and knowing more than he ever tells her and ajsgsjsjjsgsgkkshs I LOVE THAT OMG.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Go read it and give the mystery author some lovin! :D

A quest for Christmas?

Quest For The Spear will be running tomorrow, Christmas Day/Dec 25th on TNT at 8pm Eastern.

TBS Today

Quest For The Spear and King Solomon's Mine are running on cable station TBS today, Saturday August 8th, starting at 5pm Eastern, according to my cable station schedule crawl.

Aug. 6th, 2009

I an Assistant Librarian at the Stuart Hall Library UK andw e are organising a day event for librarians to discuss the representation of librarians in popular culture.

Please check out our library blog for more details and to leave comments of your favourite/worst examples of librarians in film and television.

Heads up

Curse Of The Judas Chalice is rerunning on TNT tonight, 8 Eastern.

The Librarian feature movie!

The Librarian’s next adventure: your movie theater
Yesterday Deb had a little one-on-one interview with Dean Devlin, producer of TNT’s new hit, Leverage, as well as the trilogy of The Librarian TV movies (the third one aired early last month). She’ll have that interview up sometime later (small preview: Christian Kane’s hair is discussed in length — pun intended). One question that came up was about where The Librarian series is headed; given its success, will it ever transcend to the big screen?

“We’re in the process right now of writing the script,” Devlin told Deb in the interview. “Were hoping some time later this year to start shooting the first Librarian feature movie.” Maybe Noah Wyle didn’t make such a bad move after all.

With the so-so reception the last Indiana Jones movie got (aliens and swinging through trees with monkeys — I mean, come on!), it’s possible that something like this might be a welcome “replacement” for it. Then again, have you seen the National Treasure series? Yikes.

“We’re a little more family friendly than the Indiana Jones franchise,” Devlin continued, “but it’s a good time to let this character flourish.”

Resident CliqueClack Librarian expert, Rich Keller, had this to say about the series: “For an action-adventure television series it was good. Cheesy but good. Everyone involved looked to be having a good time filming the series. The third installment was probably the best of them all.”

I’ve yet to check any of the Librarian movies out, but the fact that a feature movie is in the works will make me think twice about passing up at least one of the movies, should it make a repeat showing on TV. I’d love to hear your opinion on the movies if you’ve seen them — let loose in the comments below.